2 thoughts on “AXE 4 HELP FOR THE POTS”

  1. I live for this stuff! I had a mobile dog grooming service come to my house. The (supposedly professional) lettering on the truck read “Going to the Cat’s and Dog’s”. When I pointed out to the groomer the glaring misuse of apostrophes she assured me the company that did the lettering insisted this was the proper grammar.

    Go figure.

    Been a fan of your website for a good eight or so years by the way. Keep up the excellent work!

    1. One of the apostrophe gaffes I see everywhere — I saw it in the New York Times just yesterday — is in abbreviations like CD’s (compact discs) or AC’s (air conditioners). If you don’t use apostrophes in the non-abbreviated usage then why use them in the shortened form? And also years, like 1980’s. There is no need for apostrophes in these abbreviations but they’ve become so widely used that I guess it’s considered acceptable. Now and again I see signs that get it right. An electronics store near here put up giant signs advertising their “CHEAP ACs”. I have to admit, it looks more normal as AC’s but that doesn’t make it right. Happy to hear from you!

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